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The “twin sins of traditional design”: activity-based (engaging activities on a topic) and coverage-based (get through the course content) design The three stages: references to previous theorists, difference here is the explanation of a process, tools, templates etc to help successfully implement the UbD approach 1-page template with design questions for teachers – gives an […]

I have started reading Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe (2005)(this edition on Amazon). The phrase “backward design” has been floating around discussions of curriculum design for a while now, both on the ground at my school and ‘out there’, on the interwebs. This concept is not really new to me; I […]

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A comment in an online forum led me to this BBC Radio 4 episode – A World Beyond Alice. This was a fascinating documentary about the dominance of English-language publishing for children’s books, touching on the differences between marketing and publishing structures in different parts of the world, historical influences on publishing for children (apparently […]


I hope this isn’t going to jinx myself, but after a few months of this app not working, I have updated everything – app, iOS, my work wardrobe – and finally it seems as though I am returning to the world of mobile blogging! School holidays are over; in fact we teachers went back to […]

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Students explaining the SAMR model of technology integration. I particularly like the remarks about this not necessarily being a one-way ladder, ie not everything we do has to be moved up through the ranks from substitution to redefinition.

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