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The question for today was: What has been your experience with reviewing your school library? I found this to be more thought-provoking than expected, because my first response – thinking of the document – was ‘none’! But then I realised that reviewing services happens all the time, sometimes purposefully and sometimes on an ad hoc […]

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Stephens Library view over tuckshop

Yesterday was the first day of the ALIA Schools National Online Forum – School Library Resource Centre guidelines – an 8 day exploration of this document which was jointly produced by ALIA Schools and the Victorian Catholic Teacher Librarians (VCTL). I had seen the announcement of this online forum over the weekend, and had the […]

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“Sweet words are like honey, a little may refresh, but too much gluts the stomach.” Anne Bradstreet I stumbled across this article about giving the kind of praise that promotes healthy self-esteem rather than narcissistic views of self and abilities. That click led to some other articles on the same topic, looking at Praise vs Feedback, […]


I’m juggling the chaos, I hope not in vain: three Year 3 classes to start the new term: we will be exploring the idea “what brings a story to life?” this term, and we begin with sharing some memorable character descriptions and drawing portraits of them, before analysing what the elements of the descriptive text were […]

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I wanted some ideas this week about effective, valuable ways to use ipads in K-2 classes, because I am part of the team working on how we will be making good use of these devices when they arrive in classes later this year. For me it always boils down to the practicalities of how something […]

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