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A comment in an online forum led me to this BBC Radio 4 episode – A World Beyond Alice. This was a fascinating documentary about the dominance of English-language publishing for children’s books, touching on the differences between marketing and publishing structures in different parts of the world, historical influences on publishing for children (apparently […]


I hope this isn’t going to jinx myself, but after a few months of this app not working, I have updated everything – app, iOS, my work wardrobe – and finally it seems as though I am returning to the world of mobile blogging! School holidays are over; in fact we teachers went back to […]

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Students explaining the SAMR model of technology integration. I particularly like the remarks about this not necessarily being a one-way ladder, ie not everything we do has to be moved up through the ranks from substitution to redefinition.

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Standing desks?

This idea has been floating around the internet for a little while now. I just read an article about trialling standing desks with students at school, using pedometers to measure activity levels over time, which said that the measurements showed increased activity across all grades, the younger the student the more they moved about. Anecdotal reports […]

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Sometimes a planned lesson just isn’t going to work… I had one of those late last term, when my Year 4 class could not settle. In sheer desperation I fell back on the traditional technique of giving out paper and pencils, and pulling out the whiteboard. I didn’t want to do something pointless and timewasting, so […]

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