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I do this a lot: check on my Twitter feed, click a few links, think “wow, so cool, how interesting”, or “I don’t agree with that” and then move on. Similarly with reading blog posts from educators I follow, or articles in various online or print media – I read, reflect, and tackle the next [...]

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Reading, at last!

Book Week approaches apace, which means it is the season to be reading shortlisted titles to my classes, and for my own amusement as well! Today I read Windy Farm by Doug Macleod and Craig Smith to my Kinder classes; I loved the silliness of the illustrations bringing out the true quirkiness of Doug’s ideas! [...]

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Dear Bloggiverse, Sorry I’ve been such a poor correspondent – I keep meaning to put fingers to keyboard but never quite get there. What have I been doing of interest to the teacher-librarian community? Well, let me tell you… Earlier this year we set up a Skype session to talk with a Kinder class in [...]


Long time no blog – which is all the more reason to pull some ideas together. It is now Term 4 of 2013, and there is very little left of the Australian school year. This has been a busy year for me, settling back into my school in Hobart, getting up to speed with developments [...]

Kevin Honeycutt: Trends, Tools and Tactics

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