A collection of the presentations I have done for my work colleagues and for conferences, both face-to-face and virtual, and webinars too.


July 2016: ASLA Webinar: LibGuides

Marty Marshman, another ASLA Board Director, and I created this presentation to demonstrate the value of LibGuides as a tool for school libraries. We showed the different ways we use LibGuides in our very different schools, and discussed the reasoning behind our respective design choices


May 2016: ASLA Tasmania mini-conference “School Libraries – Get Inspired!”

As part of my role on the mini-conference committee, I created this simple Google site.
Katie Stanley and Catherine Duffett (of The Friends School) and I collaborated on this presentation. We each did the Copyright4Educators course and leveraged that professional learning to share with the teacher librarians, librarians, library technicians and library assistants who attended the mini-conference. We received a lot of positive feedback on our presentation, which was very encouraging.


March 2016: ASLA Webinar: Colouring outside the lines – library lesson activities for younger students



September 2014 ASLA Tasmania mini-conference

Knowing Me, Knowing You

This presentation to school library staff attendees at the ASLA Tasmania mini-conference in 2014 was designed to encourage people to use social media to “keep up with the Joneses”. It was very well-received, with a lot of positive feedback on the value and relevance of the content for participants.


EduTech reflection for Staff

I was lucky enough to attend EduTech in Brisbane in 2014, and on my return I created this presentation to share with staff the messages and ideas that stood out for me



Ebook chapter

Ebooks in learning: a beginner’s guide

I contributed a chapter on creating ebooks in the classroom Рsee examples of technology in my classroom to see one of the ideas.

ASLAXXIII: Nip, Tuck and Polish: Reworking those library lessons with your technological toolkit (K-8)


Staff PL: Make Google Your Slave

15 minute presentation followed by hands-on workshop on using Google advanced search techniques. I ran several sessions for both teaching and adminstrative staff.


May 2010 – Boys in the Library

I created this presentation for the online conference Your School Library

March 2010: Dipping A Toe in Web2.0

I presented this talk about ways to use Web 2.0 tools to a state ASLA conference in Tasmania. The main focus was on using technology for professional development, secondly on classroom uses.