Sooooo unbeliveably busy!

First week of term + first week on conference equals = whimpering to self in office as yet another email/phonecall/humble student in need of help appears to nip away another five minutes…

I am finding the conversations on and about the conference stimulating, and the presentations are giving me much food for thought. I still haven’t caught up with #3, because I simply have not had one whole hour free anywhere.

Number 4 (or was it 5?) looks like I should view it on a big screen to enjoy all the YouTube stuff – should also provide some great links for sharing with staff who are looking for ways to introduce YouTube into their resources.

I have set up a YSL2 feed from, which I will add to the sidebar given five minutes (somewhere, anywhere!) to do so. I’ve also got a twitter widget on both my home and work computers, so I can keep up with messages durig the day – it is proving to be useful, and not tooooo distracting. If I’m too busy, I just ignore it!

This afternoon I have to add a couple of items to my wiki, as it is my turn today (gulp!). I hope that conference participants find some useful ideas on information literacy activities using web 2.0.

Web it, web it good…

Which is a dreadful pun on some half-remembered song from the 80’s, but I just couldn’t resist!! You see, I am participating in an online conference Your School Library – Transforming School Libraries, which goes live tomorrow night (or possibly early Saturday morning once I work out the timezone issues) for about 9 days.

The main theme is how we can delve into the world of web2.0 and beyond to connect and evolve the traditional work of school libraries with the new interactive techonologies available online. So far I have viewed/listened to a presentation on Voicethread, downloaded a PowerPoint from the conference site (my internet was too dodgy to cope with streamed content today), am downloading another ppt from Slideshare, and am hoping for some vodcasts (fingers crossed!!). There is a conference blog, discussion forums (I’m a moderator for one of them – exciting!), chat room, networking tools, participant profiles, and so many possibilities for “walking the talk”!!! I have yet to add a profile pic or fill out my professional details. There appear to be 149 members, I just noticed a new ppt called ‘giggleit’ and there’s a button there for creating ‘web meetings’ – what more could a click-happy TL want?

Aside from all that, I am madly pulling my head together as we launch into Term 1, with a number of changes to The Way Things Are Done, eg a new group-work, collaborative, integrated approach to library time for years 5 and 6, with three teachers here for those lessons!!! Can you imagine???

For now, however, it is time to go home, be a parent, talk to hubby, veg a little in front of the gogglebox, and maybe send a few emails:>