Even literary characters are on Twitter!

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This picture made me smile this morning when I found it in my twitter stream (which I have as a Yoono sidebar on my browser)

I hadn’t been using Twitter regularly before I went to the ACEC conference in Melbourne las month; mostly I used it to follow chat during conferences. However I met some interesting fellow tweeters at that conference, and it has lead to new experiences for me – a virtual bookclub for instance (currently on a Ning, but with their recent announcement about changes to free service model our bookclub may change platforms).

*** Stop Press!!***

Just glancing through my twitter stream I found a tweet from @bobsprankle which sent me to a NY Times blog post indicating that Ning will continue to provide free services to educators and their students! Now that is why I am keeping Twitter open these days – it is providing me with a lot of incidentally relevant information (if you see what I mean)

Here’s another I just found: a new way to save individual tweets that you find meaningful – Copy and paste the URL of an individual tweet into the box at Blackbird Pie, and it produces this for you:

RT @paulawhite: Be public in your work–post it on the web, podcast, share any way you can to show what works and works well. #edchatless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

(I found it a little tricky to get a URL for the tweet – I had to switch to the RSS feed of tweets, though there must be an easier way…)

So, the conclusion of these various rambling and disconnected points is that I am finding pieces of information and making connections with other educators and Teacher Librarians in a way that is meaningful for me – I am leveraging a social networking tool to enhance my working life. I am also on the learning curve – learning not to jump into the stream too often, learning to hide it when I want to concentrate on something else entirely.

My learning journey continues…


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